Friday, September 21, 2012

Zumba cake

Tina's birthday cake presented to her by Bff Jenny..:-)

Music playing, hips were swaying and everyone is happy and moving and grooving... Its Zumba time and it got us into that party mood. When a party is on then a cake is a must have especially when it was for a birthday party. A zumba top cake for a zumba babe!..May all your wishes come true dear friend. May you be blessed always. May your life keeps on grooving like that happy, vibrant Zumba beat and may you keep on dancing and singing thru the rhythm of life..and May your family and friends keep on swayin with you..

Happy birthday big Girl..:-) Enjoy the wonderful days...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Engagement Cake in Pink

When two hearts join together as one. They celebrate it with style and with my homemade cake. Design to their heart desire. A step closer to saying I Do to a future together. Did u notice that both theme colour are in Pink. Such lovely and sweet colours. The guy sure is a sport to let his future bride choose the color of the day.  

Azroy engagement cake - Butter cake in fondant

Jackson and elizabeth - chocolate moist an carrot walnut cheese in fondant

Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Hunny Cuppies

Ahgghh..(sigh) Its been a while since i visited here. I miss this page and i miss you. These Winnie cuppies always made me smile. It reminded us to be happy, to make someone happy and to be just who we are. A reason for me to call this my Hunny cuppies, just because   winnie the bear loves his hunny. And I love making these, i love baking and smell the vanilla,cinnamon and sweet aroma in the air. It just complete my day seeing a happy creation and a happy and satisfied customer.

So no matter how busy my schedule  my wish are to make someone smile today just like my Hunny cuppies. A fondant and a chocolate flavor, Glorious day!

Happy baking everyone.. I wish u joy in your life...:-) 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Nicole Grace turn 1

Two years ago, i had the honour baking her wedding cake. In fact her 2nd anniversary is just around the corner. She has been a great supporter to me and my cake. The lady is non other than Nancy and today i am sharing with you her sweetheart Nicole Grace whom just turn 1. Oh yes She is now the  proud mother to little Gracie as what she called her daughter. I was delighted to bake and decorate Grace 1 year old birthday cake.. Happy birthday lovely Grace we love you!!

Its  a 2 tier cake a combination of rainbow cake and chocolate moist.
Grace waiting patiently to blow the candle..:-)

The cake pink base with happy 'banner' and baby wabbit:-;

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Let them eat cake

I did this cake version years ago and in different colors. This cake was all design by the couple whom were tying the knot. I only add a few details here and there to complete the 'look'. 

The cake topper - red rose flower bouquet
3 tier wedding cake in combination of Gold red and white - this couple tied the knot in January 2012
Single layer wedding cake for Esther and Fabian - 10th Dec 2011.  

 2 tier carrot walnut cheese wedding cake as requested by Jaina for his brother - 26th Dec 2011
2 tier  wedding dress cake - for Jac and Alex in purple color
 A combination of yellow flower petal and yellow roses in silver ribbon for a wedding in January 2012 as requested by Helena for her sister in law
 3 tier pink wedding cake for Lyndiana's cousin. I used the silver string decoration to enhance the 'look' and to match it with the silver dragees. I did a cake design like this 2 years back and she (Lyndiana ) requested the same design..which i willingly obliged :-)
A 2 tier carrot walnut cheese engagement cake for Leng -leng. She is also a Pink fanatic. However mom says the flower must be in red. So mom won being a Chinese descendant, red is a must on an event like this..:D

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gotcha cake

Another couple who tied the knot in February 2012. The Bride Judy is from Kota Kinabalu Sabah and worked in Kuala Lumpur where she met her husband. She send me a photo of the wedding cake that they favor and the topper!  Since the topper were not available here in Kota Kinabalu she brought it all the way from Kuala Lumpur. Judy and her husband is the first couple i work with that goes all the way to add humor in their first day as husband and wife. I would say that is a pretty good sign to start a marriage i supposed..:-) 

Photo courtesy of Annie Petrus Photography - copy to me by the bride Judy. I like to call this the Gotcha Cake  or Judy's Gotcha Cake..This is the wedding cake and decoration i did for Judy. The Picture below is the one Judy send to me to me as a sample for her cake.

Sample photo... Her only instruction was of her wedding color theme which is purple and white and cake topper had to be the Gotcha topper!
Haha.. "Gotcha topper" now belong to me to be rent out to the next lovely couple.:D.. 

Judy and Johnson may God Bless you and live happily ever after as husband and wife and be blessed with children and grandchildren running around your feet..:-) Thank you for your trust in me as your wedding cake baker.

Everyone till we meet again.. Happy baking!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


I am a person who collect recipes whenever i sees them. I will keep it till one day i might tried on one of them..and always that will never happen. That one day will turn to months and years and recipe book still be there collecting dust.

After watching Julie and Julia, i resolute to bake at least one recipe out of the many books or photocopy recipe or even in that messy compilation of  handwritten recipe. After flipping the pages.. i decided  on a Tiramisu .. o yes the delicate Tiramisu. The recipe that i copied does not contain any alcohol and did not use the usual mascarpone cheese. The result is just as heavenly as any tiramisu and i will definitely use this recipe again.

 My family gave it a thumbs up as a sign of their approval. Recipe courtesy Sondra Lee. Thank you Sondra Lee i found the easiest tiramisu recipe ever and still taste rich and creamy.